Save the Date! Harm Reduction Conference 2012: Doing More With Less

OCTOBER 22, 2012


From conference Save the Date Flyer:

The fabric of Hawai‘i is threatened by a host of interrelated social problems including mental health, drug misuse, communicable diseases, poverty, homelessness, and the over-reliance on incarceration.

To address these tough social issues, a collaboration of service providers, community organizations, and concerned citizens will convene for a one-day interactive conference to discuss ways of developing more holistic and culturally appropriate evidence-based interventions in the context of harm reduction practice.

Conference Topics include, but are not limited to:

  •  Harm Reduction Policy and Practice
  • Sex Work / Trafficking
  • Advocacy and Social Media
  • Safer Tattooing and Piercing
  • Drug Policy
  • Housing / Homelessness
  • Suicide / Bullying/Violence
  • Cultural Competency
  • Harm Reduction with Youth, Seniors, Drug Users, Transgenders, and other specific populations

Harm Reduction is a philosophy and set of strategies for working with individuals engaged in potentially harmful behaviors. The main objective is to reduce the potential dangers and health risks associated with such behaviors, even for those who are not willing or able to completely stop. Harm reduction uses a nonjudgmental, holistic and individualized approach to support incremental change and increase the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

*CAP is a conference co-sponsor

For more information, to become a co-sponsor or to join the planning committee, email or call Jean at 853-5243. Mahalo for supporting our community collaborative conference!


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