Short Update on CAP Activities

CAP Coordinator, Kat Brady, recently returned from the 2012 National ILG Conference  on the Big Island, where she spoke on criminal background checks to an audience of federal contractors.

The panel included: Tim Riera, Director of the Honolulu EEOC office; Bill Hoshijo, Director of the Hawai`I Civil Rights Commission; and me for Community Alliance on Prisons.  They each had 15 minutes to present and then fielded questions from the audience. Tim spoke about the new EEOC guidance that was released in April 2012; Bill spoke about Hawaii’s experience with Arrest & Court Records; and Kat talked about these contractors being the new architects of bridges – building bridges that those with criminal records can cross to return to the community.

Even though the panel was right after lunch on the last day of the convention, the audience was engaged. Let’s hope that this means that they will earnestly work to hire those who have changed their lives and want to be contributing members of our community!


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