Going Home Consortium

Going Home Consortium key initiatives are aimed at doing outreach and training for individuals with criminal history by preparing them for the work force upon completion of their incarceration, returning back into our community.

“Going Home came under HIWEDO’s [Hawai`i Island Workforce and Economic Development Ohana] umbrella in 2005 after the Hawai`i County Workforce Investment Board created the 50l(c)(3) to serves as a liaison between its main initiatives – GH, Second Chance Mentoring and Huiana internship program – and government entities, private agencies, and businesses. The program has been doing its part to actively contribute to HIWEDO’s mission of developing a highly competent workforce by coordinating the efforts of economic organizations, institutions and the community by facilitating long term plans to re-integrate ex-offenders through employment, training, and appropriate services, such as housing, transportation, substance abuse and mental health services.” (bigislandweekly.com)

Going Home’s:

“To assist Hawaii Island men and women released from correctional institutions with re- integration into community life through employment, training, and appropriate supportive services.”

“To establish transition programs that coordinate job readiness, placement and support services to the incarcerated and ex-offenders.”

To learn more about this awesome organization’s work, check out their most recent Newsletter, which includes:

What’s happening with PSD?
Director Ted Sakai, addressed the following items & priorities for the Department of Public Safety:
1. Re-opening Kulani Correctional Facility (KCF) here on the Island of Hawaii
Opportunity to bring back 160-200 inmates home from mainland
Develop programs that can help transition inmates from KCF to HCCC as part of their reentry plan
Right thing to do

2. Challenges:
Don’t want to interrupt the Youth Challenge program
Laws relating to environmental concerns need to be addressed, as an environmental assessment is needed, & will be initiated
Community input will be solicited
Need legislative approval to reopen
Plan to go to the legislature with a plan & a budget to reopen KCF

3. Establishing a Pu’uhonua
Representative Faye Hanohano of the Big Island, was the champion for this bill
PSD working with Ohana Ho’opakele
Need to report to the Legislature next year as to the feasibility, & the concept as an alternative to incarceration
Working with OHA for their input & resource assistance – want to do it in a correct manner

4. Reentry Commission
Statutes states that the commission requires the following membership: a. Senate President (3) b. House Speaker (3) c. Governor (3)
Governors appointees: a. Val Cisneros (former offender) b. Carol Ignacio (Hawaii – OSM) c. Blayne Hanagami (Hawaii – WDD)

5. Conference of Community Agencies
Currently being formed on the island of Oahu
PSD working with Senator Will Espero
Going Home as the model for PSD

6. Justice Re-Investment (JRI)
Pretrial – Oahu judges feel that housing, mental health, & substance abuse services are needed in order to release inmates
Level of Service Inventory (LSI-R) – Law requires LSI-R for all Sentenced Felons prior to parole;
PSD re-certifying all case-managers in LSI-R by year end
Programs – PSD establishing priorities of programs in facilities
What programs get inmates to earn parole
What programs enable inmates to be successful at parole
PSD working group formed

7. Statewide clean & sober housing initiative
Introduced & supported by Senator Will Espero
Trying to determine what is available, where are the gaps, & how to address gaps
Brandee Menino, HOPE Services of Hawaii, assisting for Big Island



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