More Hawai‘i Election Results 2012 in Brief from Kat

Here for statewide election results.

Hawai‘i State Senate
Not much change. Slom is still the only Republican (although there are many DINOs – Democrats In Name Only). Ruderman, owner of Island Naturals, handily beat his opponent. Noteworthy is the Laura Thielen v. Fred Hemmings race:
Laura Thielen (D)  57.1%
Fred Hemmings (R)  38.9%

Hawai‘i State House of Representatives
Some upsets in the House. Republicans lost 2 incumbents: George Fontaine (Maui) and Connie Wei Lan Ching. Both lost by big margins to two newcomers.
Kaniela Ing (D)  60.9%
George Fontaine (R)  35.1%

Takashi Ohno (D)  55.6%
Connie Wei Lan Ching (R)  41.0%

Longtime legislator Marilyn Lee lost to Beth Fukumoto of the House Minority Office
Beth Fukumoto (R)  51.2%
Marilyn Lee (D)  46.4%

I think there are now 6 Republicans in the House with Cynthia Thielen and Aaron Johanson being the incumbents and 4 new Republicans coming on board: Fukumoto (beat Lee); and 3 others in new districts: Bob McDermott, who is a former legislator (very conservative), Lauren Cheape, and Richard Fale, who beat Ululani Beirne.

Robert Lindsey (Hawai‘i)
Dan Ahuna (Kaua‘i)
Collette Machado (Moloka‘i)
Haunani Apoliana (At large) – Walter Ritte came in 4th
Carmen Hulu Lindsey (Maui)

Honolulu Mayor
Kirk Caldwell  52.9%
Ben Cayetano  45.2%

The saddest part of this race is that it has changed the face of elections in Hawai‘i. Now, big money and dirty politicking has become part of our process. Very very sad.

Honolulu Council
2 new members who were former legislators: Kymberly Pine, who beat Tom Berg; Carol Fukunaga, who won Tulsi Gabbard’s seat.

Hawai‘i Island Mayor
Billy Kenoi  49.8%
Harry Kim  47.6%

Kaua‘i Council: Nadine Nakamura, JoAnn Yukimura, Jay Furfaro, Mel Rapozo, Ross Kagawa, Gary Hooser,Tim Bynum

Maui Council: Bob Carroll, Elle Cochran, Mike Victorino, Don Guzman, Gladys Baisa, Don Couch, Mike White, Riki Hokama, Stacy Crivello

Keith Kaneshiro (Honolulu)
Mitch Roth (Hawai‘i Island)
Justin Kollar (Kaua‘i)


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