Recent CAP Activities and Co-sponsored Events

`Olelo broadcast of BUILDING PEACE IN OUR COMMUNITIES: A Frank Discussion on Bullying

Another event that CAP co-sponsored with the Honolulu County Committee on the Status of Women (HCCSW). Kat has been the Chair for 11 years and the HCCSW works to bring forward  important community issues affecting women and girls. This was a really good event with some great ideas for addressing this community problem. Now we need one to address the bullying of the community by the legislature!

Building Peace in Our Communities: A Frank Discussion on Bullying

12/7/2012            9.00 PM                VIEW 54
12/12/2012         9:00 AM               FOCUS 49
12/13/2012         1:00 PM                FOCUS 49
12/29/2012         4:00 PM                VIEW 54

Power Point of recent Hawai`i stats on Juvenile Justice

Here is the power point from the recent Juvenile Justice presentation that CAP co-sponsored showing the over-representation of Native Hawaiians caught in the web.

More recent CAP activities:

Monday 10/29:  Kat represented CAP in an awesome UH Class with Meda Chesney-Lind

Tuesday 10/30: Kat represented CAP at a workshop on advocacy for the Hawai`i Youth Services Betwork

Wednesday 10/31: Kat represented CAP at the first Reentry Commission Meeting

Thursday 11/1: Kat spoke to a women’s group (Soroptimists) about women in prison

Friday 11/2 & Saturday 11/3: Kat represented CAP at the Pu`uhonua Summit (report forthcoming)

Sunday 11/4: I observed the Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force (report forthcoming)

From Kat:
On Sunday, 11/4 – I observed the Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force, which has been really trying, especially for the 9 members – 2 of whom (Nakamitsu from Prosecutor’s office and Perrone from AG’s office)  have done their best to slow it down. Despite their efforts, I think something useful will emerge in the report to the legislature. The other 7 members worked earnestly to stay true to the mission of the task force, which is to make recommendations to the legislature on how to address the disparities in the criminal justice system. The meetings were very revealing and I hope that the antics of the two members mentioned above do not reflect the attitude of the administration. If they do, imho, we are all screwed.



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