Brief Report from Kat: WCCC Graduations


SUNDAY, December 16, 2012

 On Sunday, I was honored to be invited to the graduation of two solution-focused classes on healing and forgiveness held at the women’s prison.  These terrific classes are taught by two amazing women, Lorenn Walker and Dawn Slaten. I applaud Lorenn and Dawn for persisting in their efforts to provide classes for the medium and closed custody women who are offered very little.

The first graduation was the class of closed custody women. The women presented a skit they wrote and rehearsed related to the class. I missed the skit as I was at a strategic planning meeting for another group and arrived late. I did get to see the women (my main goal), many of whom I have known for many years. It was really awesome to hear the women talk about what they learned about forgiveness and healing. They are so articulate and beautiful.

The next graduation was for the medium security women. I did witness their wonderful skit and hear their heartfelt appreciation for being allowed to take the class. They spoke candidly about how hard the act of forgiveness can be (especially forgiving themselves).

I have witnessed  the transformation of many of these women and their beautiful spirits when they are given the opportunity to share their stories and work on forgiveness and healing. I always leave these events knowing that with the right tools, individuals can reclaim their lives, restore their families and rebuild their communities. They are bright, loving, and exhibit grace under the most difficult of circumstances, not unlike Queen Lili`uokalani.


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