Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force Report


Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force presents its report to the Hawaiʻi Legislature
“…Among the key findings is a lag in efforts to give Native Hawaiian inmates a fighting chance when they get out of prison. Key recommendations included a need for an emphasis on education to reduce the rate of recidivism and to give Native Hawaiian inmates hope for their future.”

Native Hawaiian task force wants to bring inmates home
…”What we are calling for is significant systemic changes within the correctional system to provide proper programs for education, for job skill readiness,” Crabbe said.

“They always need they always looking seeking the guidance to get some help but there are just not enough resources out there you know for them,” said Matthew Taufetee, First L.A.P. …

Here for the report.

Chair Michael Broderick led the press conference and went through the recommendations in the report. He gave a passionate speech about the importance of this report and the implementation of its recommendations in the interest of social equity in Hawai`i nei. No legislators were present.  Kudos to Chair Broderick for undertaking this difficult task.  The actions of the AG’s office and the Honolulu Prosecutor’s office were sadly revealing during this entire process. Their disdain for our Hawaiian population was very thinly veiled (and in some cases not veiled at all).

More on the Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force


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