Please Share Info & Your Experiences: CCA’s New Phone Vendor; Chief of Security at Women’s Prison

Pump UpPlease share info or your experiences with Kat Brady, CAP Coordinator, at regarding:

1. CCA’s New Phone Contractor
Some families are having problems receiving calls via this new system. Can you send Kat information and your experiences with this new vendor? Keeping loved ones connected is crucial.

Kat has received the following e-mails from families on their experiences with CCA’s new vendor:

I just talked to someone who put money on the prepaid  deal and when she called global tel inc they said there is a $4.75 processing charge of her $25.00  because she put it on a credit card  instead of sent the  money by Western Union to them  then when the inmate calls Hawaii there is a $2.25 connection fee. there is something terribly wrong with what is going on. No one seems to know how it all works. I called the DPS and they hooked me up with someone in charge of the mainland and he has no Idea about the phone system he said it is whatever CCA has set up.  I asked him shouldn’t he need to know how the system works, what the charges are etc  but he said I need to call GTI. Shouldn’t CCA tell the inmates how the new system works?”


…the new phone vendor is a rip off to the loved ones because they are charging us a fee to put money on the account and they charge a fee every time the inmate calls I have spend over a $1,000 on phone calls in one month.  They are charging us $10 a call and they always get cut off so that the inmate has to call back.  the vendor needs to be changed this is another hardship provided by public safety so families can suffer!!!!!  Also they keep raising the store order it costs them $9 for a case of water that should not be.

2. New Chief of Security at the Women’s Prison, Chief Evans
CAP has been receiving complaints about the new Chief of Security at the Women’s Prison, Chief Evans. If you have something to share about this (confidentially, of course), please e-mail Kat and she will follow up.


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