2.17.13 CAP Watch Tracking Report & 3 Great Bills

(meaning all bills must be on their way to the last committee or they will die and not cross over).

There are also several hearings coming up Tuesday and Wednesday

HB 182 –Restorative Justice (RJ)  for youth
Submit testimony here

·         RJ has been in Aotearoa juvenile justice system since 1989 & reduced youthful lawbreaking by 27%

·         RJ process resonates with our population


HB 218 HD1 – Adding OHA &Hawaiian Practitioner to Corrections Population Management Commission
Submit testimony here

·         Important to add Hawaiian voice because of overrepresentation of Hawaiians in system


HB 1279 HD1 – Reintegration
Submit testimony here

·         More than 95% of imprisoned individuals will come back to the community

·         Providing programs while in prison and supportive after-care is crucial to success

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