CAP Watch Update: Approaching Crossover

Pump UpThis is where we are as we approach Crossover (when bills from one chamber cross to the other chamber for the next round of hearings) this week: 22 bills CAP is closely following are still alive; 7 of these have already crossed over to the other chamber.

Sadly, our 3 BIG AND IMPORTANT BILLS have died for lack of a hearing in the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee. They are: Eyewitness ID; Compassionate Release; and Paroling folks before the expiration of their maximum sentences. Kat gave the committee plenty research supporting our position and their failure to schedule them certainly wasn’t because we didn’t try …Kat has been a pain in the okole for the past 3 weeks in the Chair’s office, the Vice Chair’s office and the Judiciary Staff office. The Vice Chair (Senator Maile Shimabukuro) and her staff have been awesome and tried everything to help us, but in the end, the bills died.

Since CAP never gives up, we have submitted Resolutions for these three issues and three others (earned time; medical amnesty; and mandatory implicit, unconscious bias training for all criminal justice agencies).


HB189  Boards and Commissions Membership; Gender Equity

HB218 HD1  OHA Package; Corrections Population Management Commission

HB622 HD1  Evidence; News Media Privilege

HB919  Civil Service; Exemptions; State Employment

HB1279 HD1  Integration of Offenders; Appropriation

SB404  OHA Package; Corrections Population Management Commission

HB1133  Public Land Development Corporation


HB52 HD1  Civil Rights; Attorney General; Biased-based Policing

HB411 HD2  Hospital Emergency Compassionate Care; Emergency Contraception

HB667 HD2  Medical Marijuana; Uniform Controlled Substances Act

HB668 HD2  Medical Marijuana Program; Transfer of Responsibilities

SB60 SD1  Bill of Rights for Victims; Restorative Justice

SB61 SD1  Juveniles; Informal Adjustment; Restorative Justice

SB68 SD1  Sentencing; Drug Offenses; Mandatory Minimums

SB71 SD2  Appropriation; Department of Public Safety; Nonprofits

SB74 SD1  Corrections; Committed Persons; Sale of Crafts

SB204 SD1  Integration of Offenders; Appropriation

SB406 SD2  OHA Package; Mandatory Training

SB655 SD2  Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Expedited Partner Therapy;Health Professionals; Prescription Drugs; Labeling; Record Keeping

SB1109 SD2  Hospital Standards for Sexual Assault Victims; Emergency Contraception

HB182 HD1  Juveniles; Restorative Justice

SB472 SD1  Marijuana; Civil Penalties for Possession of One Ounce or Less

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
Winston Churchill


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