Hawai‘i Criminal Justice News

HI CJ NewsWhy Is Hawaii The Only State Without A Statewide Police Standards Board?
By Nick Grube  03/21/2013
Goldman notes that 49 states have police officer standards and training boards and commissions, or similar entities. The District of Columbia also has a review board for training and recruitment.
Of the 49 states that have statewide training and standard boards for police officers, Goldman said 44 can revoke the license or certification of cops who don’t follow the rules or appropriately perform their duties. The only states that don’t have this revocation privilege are California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Hawaii.
According to a 2009 survey sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice and performed by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training, 19,100 officers have had their licenses revoked by various training and standards agencies over the past four decades or so. In 2008 alone, more than 1,800 officers had their certifications revoked, the study found.
No other public employee has the same protection from disclosure as police officers do.

Police Misconduct Bill Teeters In Hawaii House Under Union Criticism
By Nick Grube  03/22/2013
… On Thursday, Senate Bill 839 had its first hearing in the House Public Safety Committee, but was deferred so the chair, Rep. Henry Aquino, could collect more information about the measure.
“Any additional requirement to add detailed facts to a summary of misconduct that resulted in a suspension or discharge of the officer may prematurely and unfairly identify the officer,” Ma’afala said. “Further, the county police departments would be in violation of this law should the descriptions they provide indirectly identify an officer who has been suspended, or was discharged without first having had the opportunity to exercise and exhaust fully all of the administrative remedies, which are specified in the collective bargaining agreement and in state law.”
“Hopefully I can get those answers that I need and we’ll go from there,” Aquino said. “We still have several weeks. I do have technically two more hearing days so it really depends on when I can get the information. So there is time.”

Prison guard indicted in sexual assault of female inmate
By Star-Advertiser staff; POSTED: 05:13 p.m. HST, Mar 21, 2013; LAST UPDATED: 04:37 a.m. HST, Mar 22, 2013

A state prison guard is facing charges that he sexually assaulted an inmate at the Women’s Community Correctional Center in Kailua.

An Oahu grand jury returned an indictment Thursday charging Irwin Ah-Hoy with two counts of second-degree sexual assault and two counts of third-degree sexual assault.

Deputy City Prosecutor Keith Seto said Irwin directed other staff at WCCC to send the inmate to him where he forced her into a staff-only bathroom and sexually assaulted her. Seto said DNA evidence recovered from the inmate matched that of Ah-Hoy. He said Ah-Hoy also subjected the inmate to sexual contact.

Ah-Hoy continues to be employed by the state Department of Public Safety while the department’s internal affairs office and Honolulu police investigate the allegations, said DPS spokeswoman Toni Schwartz.

The inmate is in custody serving a five-year prison sentence for drug and drug paraphernalia possession and for auto theft.


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