Brief Report from Kat: Honolulu Reintegration Meeting

CAP Report on TSOCs Honolulu Reintegration Meeting
Queen Lili`uokalani Children’s Center – Kalihi
Wednesday, May 15th

Kat's Brief ReportTSOCS (a subset of Partners in Development) has been facilitating meetings on reintegration in Windward, Leeward and Honolulu to bring formerly incarcerated individuals, service providers, churches, etc. together to help folks transitioning back to the community. I have not been able to participate during the legislative session, but I am so glad that I attended the meeting on Wednesday. There were about 35 people from many different entities (even a professor and some students from a local college).

For all of us working to help our people, it is great that TSOCS has taken on the role of convener and facilitator for these events. They are neutral on the issue, seeking only to build a stronger and healthier community.

The model that we are following is the successful GOING HOME collaboration that has been working together on Hawai`i Island for 6 or 7 years. I am heartened to see concern for our brothers and sisters exiting incarceration. This is what is desperately needed to help folks successfully transition.

I strongly encourage folks to attend future meetings. The next one is scheduled for Leeward is on THURSDAY, MAY 23rd at New Hope in Waipahu. I will ask Arlina Wong to send me the flyer so I can get it to you.

Together we can grow this coalition to be strong advocates for those returning from incarceration. It takes a village to foster successful reentry!


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