Call Gov’s office and ask him to sign or let SB 68 become law without his signature

Very disappointing – Governor Abercrcombie, who purportedly does not support mandatory sentencing, is considering a veto of SB 68 that has been amended (weakened) with everything the prosecutors asked for.

Please call the Gov’s office at (808) 586-0034 & ask him to sign or let SB 68 become law without his signature 
1. The bill is in line with Justice Reinvestment – reducing the prison population
2. Mandatory sentencing removes judicial discretion
3. NY (the state that first championed mandatory sentencing with the Rockefeller drug laws) has eliminated mandatory sentencing for drug offenses, reduced their prison population, reduced drug arrests, and save millions of dollars.
4. AG Eric Holder said, “Statutes passed by legislatures that mandate sentences, irrespective of the unique facts of an individual case, too often bear no relation to the conduct at issue, breed disrespect for the system, and are ultimately counterproductive.”

Here for CAP Letter to the Governor re: SB 68

Here’s the article….

By Star-Advertiser staff

POSTED: 04:03 p.m. HST, Jun 24, 2013
LAST UPDATED: 04:28 p.m. HST, Jun 24, 2013

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has informed the Legislature of nine bills he intends to veto.

The governor released the list today, the deadline by which he must inform lawmakers. He has until July 9 to issue his final decisions. Any bills not on the veto list will be signed or become law without his signature on July 9.

In a news release, the governor said most of these bills are potentially objectionable because of concerns, raised by state departments or agencies.

“There may be difficulty in implementing some of these bills as they are currently written, and there are other measures that require further consideration,” Abercrombie said in a statement.

Bills on the veto list include one that would make the feeding of feral birds a nuisance, allow the governor to appoint five voting members to the Hawaii Health Systems Corp. Board and give judges discretion in setting prison terms when sentencing drug offenders in certain class B and class C felony.

Here is the complete list:

>> HB763 (Relating to the State Building Code)

>> SB1265 (Relating to Contracts)

>> HB619 (Relating to Feral Birds)

>> HB988 (Relating to Native Wildlife)

>> HB424 (Relating to Timeshare Conveyances)

>> HB654 (Relating to Nursing)

>> HB1130 (Relating to the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation)

>> SB3 (Relating to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs)

>> SB68 (Relating to Sentencing)


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