Hawai‘i Juvenile Justice Working Group

CAP asked two of the three co-chairs of this group who else was on it and no one knew. Why is this a secret?  And how does it comport with the federally-funded multi-year Juvenile Alternatives to Detention Inititative (JDAI) that Hawai`I has been working on for the past few years? Why are no Hawai`I researchers members of the group? Why is there  no  representation  from the Hawaiian, Samoan, and other Pacific Island communities  when we know that youth from these communities makeup the majority?

Hawaii Juvenile Justice Working Group (8/8/13)

Executive Branch (1)
·         Barbara Yamashita (Deputy Director Dept of Human Services) (tri-chair)

Judges (2)
·         Judge Browning  (tri-chair)
·         Judge Murakami

Legislators (5)
·         Sen. Espero, Chair of Public Safety
·         Sen. Chun Oakland, Chair Human Services
·         Rep. Aquino, Chair of Public Safety
·         Rep. Carroll, Chair Human Services (tri-chair)
·         Rep. Johanson, Minority leader

Prosecutors (2)
·         Keith Kaneshiro
·         Mitch Roth (Big Island)

Public Defender (1)
·         William Bento

Law Enforcement (1)
·         Acting Major J Pedro

DHS (1)
·         David Hipp

DOH (1)
·         Dr. Stan Michels, CAMHD administrator

DOE (1)
·         Steve Shiraki

AG (1)
·         Blair Goto

Neighbor Island (2)
·         Marsha Yamada (Maui)
·         Judge Ed Acoba (Kauai)

Community Advocates (2)
·         Lorenn Walker, Restorative Justice program
·         Jacque Kelly Ueoka, Hale Kipa


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