Embrace compassionate release in Hawai`i

CAP’s work on compassionate release is really hitting the mark. We worked with Senator Espero on a bill that is considered by physicians and researchers a model on how to create a real compassionate release system. Now we have to get the skittish department to embrace compassion and let the elderly and chronically ill folks live out their lives ON PAROLE surrounded by their loved ones.

Graying Prisoners
By Jamie Fellner, Op-Ed Contributor, New York Times, Published: August 18, 2013
“MORE and more United States prisons resemble nursing homes with bars, where the elderly and infirm eke out shrunken lives. Prison isn’t easy for anyone, but it is especially punishing for those afflicted by the burdens of old age. Yet the old and the very old make up the fastest-growing segment of the prison population.”

Panel Grants Medical Parole to Astor’s Son
By Sean Gardiner, The Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2013

“Through July of this year, 398 inmates have been granted release under the Compassionate Release Program since it took effect in 1992, Department of Corrections spokesman Tom Mailey said in an email.”

Here are Hawai`I`i stats:

Department of Public Safety Compassionate Release Statistics 2009-2011
37 Compassionate Releases Recommended
22 Compassionate Releases Approved
14 Actual Compassionate Releases

Please help us pass a more reasonable and humane law in the 2014 session….no pilot program, A LAW!

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