Hawai`i Prison Building Plans

Even though these building plans are for contractors, it is important for the community to weigh in and talk about alternatives to incarceration, more community programs and services for those who should not be incarcerated yet need services such as mental health, substance abuse, anger management, job skills development, etc.

OCCC has outlived its location
Star-Advertiser, Nov. 22, 2013

Gauging the feasibility of moving OCCC is a major element of a request for information (RFI) the Department of Public Safety has issued in its drive to implement a comprehensive, statewide plan to improve and efficiently manage the prison system. The RFI, open to all interested parties with relevant project experience, seeks site-specific solutions, as well as innovative ideas about financing construction. (The deadline to respond is Dec. 16; to read the full request, including instructions on how to submit information, see http://1.usa.gov/1e5szBU.)
On Oahu, DPS seeks:
» A new, larger OCCC at a different, unspecified site, with about 1,125 beds, which would allow the return of about 300 inmates now housed at the Federal Detention Center near the airport.
» Construction of a separate 500-bed transitional facility for inmates on work release as they near parole, to replace the Laumaka Work Furlough Center, which is located on OCCC grounds and has a long waiting list.
» Expansion of the Halawa Correctional Facility by about 1,200 beds so that Hawaii inmates now sent to Arizona to serve their time can be brought home, where there’s a better chance they’ll stay connected to family who will help them reintegrate into society when they are released — as 95 percent of Hawaii’s inmates eventually are.

Prison plan includes new facilities in Kona, Hilo
West Hawaii Today, Nov. 22, 2013

According to the plan, a 250-bed facility would be built in West Hawaii on state lands controlled by the Department of Transportation, or another site. Schwartz couldn’t identify the site Thursday. The facility would accommodate current and projected detention and reentry needs of inmates from West Hawaii, including West Hawaii inmates housed at the federal detention center and the Saguaro Correctional Center in Arizona.

Hilo’s multiple facilities would be moved under one roof to a new 500-bed prison that would include inmates from the minimum security Kulani prison and the Hali Nani reintegration program, as well as from East Hawaii inmates from the Hawaii Community Correctional Center, the federal detention center and the Saguaro Correctional Center. The West Hawaii inmates would be moved to the West Hawaii site.



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