New Kulani Warden

Articles about the new warden at Kulani, which is due to open in July 2014:

Warden Named for Big Island’s Kulani Correctional Facility
Chad Blair, Civil Beat, 12/3/13

“The Department of Public Safety has selected Ruth Coller Forbes as warden of Kulani Correctional Facility on the Big Island.

ForbesForbes worked as an adult corrections officer at the Women’s Community Correctional Center until 1998. From 1998 to 2000 she served as a human services professional at the Hawaii Intake Service Center. From 2000 to 2006 she worked at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center and in January 2006 she rose to the rank of corrections supervisor there.

Kulani, scheduled for re-opening  in July, will staff 96 full-time positions and will accommodate 200 low-risk inmates. According to PSD, the reactivation of Kulani “will help with the Abercrombie administration’s goal to bring out-of-state prisoners back to Hawaii. This goal is consistent with Hawaii’s participation in the Justice Reinvestment Initiative which began over a year ago.”


New Kulani warden sets sights on re-opening
Tom Callis and John Burnett, Hawaii Tribune Herald, 12/4/13

“Ruth Coller Forbes has been hired as the new warden for the Kulani Correctional Facility.”


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