What can we learn from Sweden?

Treating incarcerated individuals as human beings and demonstrating pro-social  behavior would have a tremendous effect on imprisoned persons. The data also show that long prison terms are not only expensive, but ineffective.

Hawai`I has a great opportunity to do things differently. It will take a HUGE BOTTOM UP PUSH TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. It starts with voting…let’s put people in office who actually care more about the community than holding onto their seats.

Why is Sweden closing its prisons?
Erwin James, The Guardian, Dec. 1, 2013

“… Despite the hardening of attitudes toward prison security following the escape scandals, the Swedes still managed to maintain a broadly humane approach to sentencing, even of the most serious offenders: jail terms rarely exceed 10 years; those who receive life imprisonment can still apply to the courts after a decade to have the sentence commuted to a fixed term, usually in the region of 18 to 25 years. Sweden was the first country in Europe to introduce the electronic tagging of convicted criminals and continues to strive to minimise short-term prison sentences wherever possible by using community-based measures – proven to be more effective at reducing reoffending. …”



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