CAP Watch Update: Final Reading Report #2


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last day of the 27th Legislative Session (Sine Die).

CAP is happy to report that both the HOUSE AND SENATE UNANIMOUSLY PASSED HB 2490 HD2 SD2 CD2 TODAY.  All these HDs, SDs, and CDs, mean that every committee had something to add to or delete from the bill. The two conference drafts are unusual because there had to be a floor amendment to change a bill with a CD1.  In this case Floor Amendment #8  was passed on Tuesday and then the bill passed today as amended (CD2).

Here’s the scoops on today’s bill passage…  9 OF 12 BILLS PASSED….

HB 2490 HD2, SD2            RELATING TO JUVENILE JUSTICE                $
(This bill is from the Pew JJ Working Group)

Enhances the juvenile justice system by concentrating secure bed space on serious juvenile offenders. Strengthens disposition, adjustment, diversion, and services available for juvenile offenders to ensure family court judges, court staff, departmental staff, and service providers have the tools needed to keep youth safely and effectively in their communities. Increases interagency collaboration. Establishes a temporary Juvenile Justice Oversight Advisory Council. Makes an appropriation. (HB2490 CD2)

Conference Committee Report:


CD2: not posted  yet

Final Votes:

House:  50-0-1 (Ito excused)

Senate: 24-0-1 (L. Thielen  excused)

CAP Comments: I have been assured that the floor amendment is good in that it reinvests savings into strengthening the safety net for our youth. The bill allocates $1,260,000 to Office of Youth Services for programming. We can stop the cycle of crime by investing in our people, especially our youth. 

Mahalo nui to everyone who took the time to send in testimony, make calls, and followed what was going on. It takes all of to make the world better. Mahalo for caring.  Mahalo for tending the gardens of our beautiful  communities.


Gardening is all about optimism.
Mary Anne Radmacher


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