CAPWatch Update: Governor’s intent to veto 10 bills

Released today — Governor sends notice of intent to veto 10 bills.

Governor of the State of Hawai`i Neil Abercrombie, Posted June 23, 2014


“After reviewing 245 measures passed by the 2014 Hawaii State Legislature, Gov. Neil Abercrombie today notified legislators of his intent to veto 10 bills, in addition to the notification on June 9 of his intent to line-item veto House Bill 1700 (Relating to the State Budget).

“Because the State of Hawaii Constitution requires the governor to provide 10 working days’ notice for any measures that he may veto byJuly 8, 2014, the following measures on his intent-to-veto notice are still under consideration and further review:

•    House Bill 1288 (Relating to Order of Succession)
•    House Bill 2163 (Relating to Parental Parity)
•    House Bill 2427 (Relating to the Repeal of Non-General Funds)
•    Senate Bill 60 (Relating to Victims of Crimes)

•    Senate Bill 2431 (Relating to the Hawaii Tourism Authority)
•    Senate Bill 2483 (Relating to Condominium Associations)
•    Senate Bill 2589 (Relating to Law Enforcement)
•    Senate Bill 2682 (Relating to Financial Disclosure Statements)
•    Senate Bill 2821 (Relating to Insurance)
•    Senate Bill 2874 (Relating to the Board of Land and Natural Resources)

Most of these bills are potentially objectionable because of concerns raised by state department or agencies, reflected in testimonies provided during the hearing process. The purpose of the notice is to allow sufficient time for Gov. Abercrombie to give additional consideration, have further discussions and inquiries, and conduct deeper analysis before final decisions are made.”

Follow link to read full press release.


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