Ho`ike Huliau 2014 – Celebrating Transformation at WCCC

From Kat:

imgresI was at the Women’s prison [Tuesday] night for Ho`ike Huliau 2014 – Celebrating Transformation, an incredible evening of hula, chant, oli, mele and connection. Women from all different programs there performed to the hoots and hollers of their sisters, family and friends. It was so beautiful and went on for hours. It was still going on when we  left after 9pm!

The guests were volunteers who bring great programs to the women in WCCC. Our community is amazing. The aloha that so many bring to these women is really something to behold. Women from the different programs told their stories. Exhibiting courage and grace as they bared their souls by revealing  the painful and tragic events of their lives.  Yet they find joy in the darkest of places. What a lesson for all of us.

The last performance I saw was a tribute to Samoa and the women from all the programs joined in and danced and sang behind the main Samoan dancer. The exuberance of the human spirit is simply amazing and further commits me to support individuals who want to change their lives. The women live in my heart and soul and it is always uplifting to be with them. We are Hawai`i. We care for and about each other. Lucky we live Hawai`i.


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