CAPWATCH FINAL REPORT: 2014 Justice Bills/Laws

YOUR VOICE MATTERSMahalo to everyone who made 2014 a banner year for justice bills at the Legislature.


SB2609 – RELATING TO MINIMUM WAGE – Became ACT 82 on 5.23.14
Increases minimum wage rate to $7.75 per hour beginning on1/1/15, $8.50 per hour beginning on 1/1/16, $9.25 per hour beginning on 1/1/17, and $10.10 per hour beginning on 1/1/18. Increases the tip credit to 50 cents per hour beginning on 1/1/15, and 75 cents per hour beginning on 1/1/16; provided that beginning 1/1/15, the combined amount the employee receives in wages and tips is at least $7 more than the applicable minimum wage.

HB2205 – RELATING TO CRIME  – Became ACT 118 on 6.20.14
Imposes a mandatory minimum term of one year imprisonment upon conviction for the offense of habitual property crime. Authorizes probation only for a first conviction of the offense of habitual property crime.

SB2315 – SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT @ HALAWA – Became ACT 147 on 6.24.14
Appropriates $110,000 to PSD to provide substance abuse treatment services to Halawa inmates.

SB2308 – CHILDREN of INCARCERATED PARENTS PGMS – Became ACT 148 on 6.24.14
$125,000 to PSD for programs and services for children of incarcerated parents and to assist with family reunification.

HB2363 – PILOT REENTRY PROGRAM – Became ACT 149 on 6.24.14
Provides systematic reentry programming for nonviolent, low-risk drug offenders by establishing and funding ($250,000)  for a reentry pilot project for nonviolent, low-risk drug offenders.

HB2490 – RELATING TO JUVENILE JUSTICE – Became ACT 201 on 7.2.14
Enhances the juvenile justice system by concentrating secure bed space on serious juvenile offenders. Strengthens disposition, adjustment, diversion, and services available for juvenile offenders to ensure family court judges, court staff, departmental staff, and service providers have the tools needed to keep youth safely and effectively in their communities. Increases interagency collaboration. Establishes a temporary Juvenile Justice Oversight Advisory Council. Makes an appropriation of $1,260,000.

Eliminates sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for juvenile offenders.

HB2037 – PROJECT KEALAHOU – Became ACT 204 on 7.2.14
Appropriates $216,000 for the continued funding of Project Kealahou within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division of the Department of Health.

It looks as though the Governor’s veto of SB 60, Restorative Justice for Victims, will stand.


  • 2,312 bills introduced
  • 245 passed (10.6%)
  • 12 bills passed the legislature’s committee hearings and floor votes (4.9%);
  • 9 were scheduled for conference committees and all 9 passed;
  • The Governor signed 8 bills (with only 1 bill we don’t like too much – HB 2205) (3.3%);
  • The Governor has vetoed 1 bill: SB 60


Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens.
– Plato


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