Primary Election on Sat. August 9th

imgresPrimary election is the Saturday after next – on  AUGUST 9TH.  Please vote in this important election. CAP works on issues, so we don’t endorse candidates. However, in the interest of keeping you all informed, below are some articles and the plans presented by both candidates for Governor.

Hawaii Gov Candidates Unveil New Visions for the Next Four Years
Incumbent Abercrombie and challenger Ige lay out their proposals for Hawaii.
July 30, 2014· Chad Blair, Honolulu Civil Beat

“The day after their last two candidate debates, Neil Abercrombie and David Ige released their respective plans for the state, should one of them be favored by voters to be governor for the next four years…

“So, let’s start with Ige.

“His “action plan,” titled Engineering Hawaii’s Future (Ige is an engineer, get it?), is “a work in progress,” he said, one that was compiled over the course of 13 months of collecting input statewide. He cautioned that the plan was “a living document” that would evolve and be refined once he is in office…

“The priorities of Engineering Hawaii’s Future are:

  • building the economy;
  • supporting and expanding the visitor industry, in part by making the airport in Kona an international port and working on visa issues with nations like China;
  • improving the state’s information-technology infrastructure;
  • attracting high-tech investment; and
  • producing food and energy locally.

“…Abercrombie’s new plan is called Charting Tomorrow: A Plan for a Brighter Future in Hawaii. He calls the plan “a solid agenda” for the future that builds on the foundations of the New Day Plan. It was put together through his administration with outreach to the public….

“Charting Tomorrow has these priorities:

  • the economy and “fiscal management”;
  • education, early through higher;
  • the environment including clean energy, greenhouse gas reduction and sustainability; and
  • health care and human services, including help for the homeless and kupuna.”

National Pundits Buzzing About Hawaii Gov Race
Political wags are wagging that Abercrombie is in “serious trouble.”
July 30, 2014·Patti Epler,Honolulu Civil Bieat

Candidate’s Plans

Abercrombie: Charting Tomorrow

Ige: Engineering Hawai`i’s Future


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