Articles on Pflueger’s Release

hawaii906130321AR_bBy now, many of you have heard about the compassionate release of Jimmy Pflueger from his 7 month jail sentence for the deaths of 7 people.  Was this release about compassion or was it about the state’s  fear of being sued? What does this say to the families of other incarcerated people who are sick and dying  but cannot afford attorneys?

Below are two articles by Denby Fawcett about the release:

Jailed Oahu Car Dealer Pflueger Released for Medical Reasons
Hawaii prison chief Ted Sakai says: “I knew this would be controversial. But I felt it was something I had to do.”
Denby Fawcett, Honolulu Civil Beat, Nov. 28, 2014

Why James Pflueger Had To Be Released
The retired car dealer’s wealth was not a factor in his surprise release from prison last week. But concerns over state liability were.
Denby Fawcett, Honolulu Civil Beat, Dec. 2, 2014

Many people have died in prison alone, despite their families wanting the person to spend their last few days, weeks or months surrounded by their loved ones. Is the message here that if you can sue, you are more entitled to compassion than if you are a suffering person of ordinary means?

We again send our deepest condolences to the families who have had to endure years of legal wrangling in this tragedy.

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