Prison Improv; Crim Justice Reform; Study – Crime is Rarely ‘Directly Motivated’ by Mental Illness


I hope this finds you well and happy as we embark on this new year!

Today we are going to start off with a great article about an Improvisation Class at a prison in Michigan. What a great program to work with those inside on bettering their socialization skills, developing more compassion, and relating to people and things in a new way.

There appears to be a shift across the U.S. regarding our failed justice policies; let’s hope that this shift makes its way across the ocean. We follow with two links for criminal justice in the national news and end with a study on how crime is rarely ‘Directly Motivated’ by mental illness. It is crucial that we understand that carving out sectors of society to demonize and banish only hurts everyone and is, in the end, a political manipulation defying the deep value of aloha we hold dear.

We have plenty to do to help Hawai`i move in a more safe, healthy, and just direction where everyone thrives, contributes, and has a place! Imua!

Inmate Improv
Anna Clark, New York Times, Dec. 30, 2014


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