“2015: The Year We Build Power Together”

2015: The Year We Build Power Together
Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, Nation of Change, Jan. 3, 2015

“In 2014 we saw tremendous growth of the movement across numerous fronts of struggle – worker rights and the wages, racism and policingclimate, the environment and extreme energy extraction, building a new economy and so much more.  We also saw how uniting and working in solidarity is essential for success.

“Building power together” means working together as a movement of movements to build on the progress of 2014 when people created a larger and bolder movement. We build together because our issues are all connected and unified power is when we are strongest.

“We have an immediate challenge in 2015 that threatens our progress. Obama and Congress are pushing to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership. If we don’t stop it, our struggles will be set back and social, economic and environmental justice will be more difficult to achieve. But we can defeat the corporate powers that exploit our communities if we unite and work together and doing so will strengthen us greatly.”



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