Profiteers, Politics, Parole

This post starts off with a very relevant article for us in Hawai`i. The push for more prison beds and this BS about public-private partnerships being beneficial to us flies in the face of numerous reports about how local governments and communities have gotten screwed by corporate profiteers. That Hawai`i could even consider further contracts with CCA is absolutely immoral and totally lacking in integrity.

The first article reveals 5 companies that profit from misery, while flying under the radar of public scrutiny.

The second article tells the truth about what is really happening, despite the President touting the reforms in criminal justice, the drop in incarceration is only about 1%!

The third article is really cool! It is a Q&A with parole officers. Their answers are really revealing about how the justice system is really about politics and NOT ABOUT JUSTICE!

Five Corporations You’ve Never Heard of Are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration
James Kilgore, Truthout, January 19, 2015

  • No. 1: Turner Construction: If We Build it They Will Come

Like many of the firms that reap profits from the prison-industrial complex, they keep quiet about it.

  • Number 2: BI Incorporated: Keeping Track of “Offenders”

More people out of prison on ankle bracelets could mean plummeting profits for the GEO Group prison operations.

  • Number 3: Aramark: Would You Like a Maggot with Your Meal?

The numerous Ohio prisons, where Aramark operation coincided with the presence of maggots, registered no denials of the company’s guilt.

  • Number 4: Securus Technologies: Justifying $1.3 billion in Kickbacks

Moreover, many Securus video contracts mandate that the jails ban face-to-face visits to generate more money for the video system.

“With the revival of such stigmatizing clothing in the last decade, Bob Barker has been at the forefront, with an edition the firm markets as the “convict classic.”

  • Number 5: Bob Barker: “Honoring God in All We Do”


Yes, Mr. President, Incarceration Rates have Dropped
… But just a tiny bit, and it took a long time.
Dana Goldstein, The Marshall Project, Jan. 21, 2015

“Since the recession hit in 2008, the Rockefeller laws have been partially dismantled, California has reformed “three strikes,”and the federal government has decreased the sentencing disparity between crack and cocaine offenses. A series of court cases have made the tough-on-crime federal sentencing guidelines of the 1980s and 1990s optional for judges. Yet the drop in the incarceration rate that Obama mentioned in the State of the Union represents only about a 1 percent change. In fact, although the raw number of federal and state prisoners declined from 2010 to 2012, it rose again in 2013. Most of the laws and regulations that created mass incarceration remain on the books.”


‘I Spend Just as Much Time Protecting Felons from Society.’
A New York parole officer on GPS monitoring, the biggest challenges facing former inmates, and whether parole makes a difference.
The Marshall Project, Jan. 21, 2015

Here’s one question & answer:


“Have public safety policy operate off science, not fear.”


We are going to need everyone to speak out against the privatization of justice. We cannot afford to let private prisons enter Hawai`i, even if it is just to build. THEY WANT IN. Please help us convince the legislature and the governor that this is a wrong-headed strategy and we need some out-of-the-box thinking, not desperation policy!



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