Good Bill in House Consumer Protection on Monday, Feb. 9

ACTION ALERTHB 529 Re Arrest Booking Photographs
Consumer Protection Committee
Monday, February 9, 2015
2:30 pm
Rm 325

HB529 Crime; Arrest Booking Photographs; Mug Shots; Commercial Websites


For criminal cases resulting in no conviction: 1) prohibits commercial websites from collecting a fee for removing arrest booking photographs from the website; and 2) prohibits criminal justice agencies from posting arrest booking photographs on a website except as provided by law.   EVANS, BELATTI, CREAGAN, MCKELVEY, RHOADS


This a good bill. This bill would prohibit the dissemination of those photos and records. As you know once something is posted on the internet you cannot get rid of it. An arrest is just that only, unfortunately people who are often arrested are eventually acquitted, but if arrest records are still floating around the individual is still branded.

There has been much too much ancillary use of arrest photographs and records over the internet. Especially by businesses who offer background checks for a fee.

CAP’s brief, but supportive testimony here

If can, please SUPPORT here:


  • Go to:
  • Sign in with your email and a password
  • Put bill # in box on left
  • On the bill screen, click “Submit testimony” and you can either upload it from your hard drive or write brief comments in the box provided (You can just write SUPPORT or OPPOSE in the comment box)
  • Note: If sending testimony on different bills, you can just plug in the bill number after you send your first testimony and send in comments on another bill.


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