CAP Watch Update on Justice Bills 2.9.15

CAPWATCH14 days into the 2015 session and CAP has testified on 20 bills thus far.  Mahalo to those who sent in testimony. Very, very helpful! Below are the bills we are following and their current status:

BILL #                 SUBJECT & STATUS

SB 147 Eyewitness Identification; Remedies
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: WAM; SD 1 not posted yet.

HB 31 Medical Marijuana Patient Housing Discrimination
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: CPC, JUD; HD 1 not posted yet.

SB 145 Wrongful Imprisonment – Compensation
Decisiomaking in JDL 2.9

SB 152 Retention of Biological Evidence – Limits
Decisionmaking in JDL 2.25

SB 229 Sharing Juvenile Justice Info with Police

SB 562 Facility; General Obligation Bonds; $
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: WAM

SB 564 Extending the Reentry Commission
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: Crossover to House; SD 1 not posted yet. Chair said technical amendments.

SB 566 Weekday & Weekend Pilot Visitation Pgms
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: WAM; SD1 not posted yet. Changed “shall” to “may.”

SB 665 Independent Prison Oversight Committee
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: WAM; SD 1 not posted yet.

HB 1461 Alternative Schools for Youth
Dead .pdf

HB 165 Sharing Juvenile Justice Info with Police
Dead  .pdf

HB 840 New Prison
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: FIN; HD 1 not posted yet. Chair specified 1) bill for OCCC – Halawa s/b considered for Community/Minimum & Medium Custody  .pdf

HB 998 Collecting Data on Children of Incarcerated Parents
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: JUD; HD 1 not posted yet. Included OHA amendment to add other information that DPS deems important. .pdf

HB 367 Earned Time/Good Time Credits
DEAD  .pdf

HB 148 Wrongful Imprisonment
PASSED w/ Amendments
; Next: FIN; HD 1 not postedyet.  .pdf

HB 321 Medical Marijuana Statewide Dispensary System
Decisionmaking in 2.10  .pdf

HB 788 Medical Marijuana Cultivation
Decisionmaking in 2.11  .pdf

HB 1455 Improvements in Medical Marijuana Law
Decisionmaking in 2.11  .pdf

HB 794 Physicians Determine Medical Conditions for Marijuana
Decisionmaking in 2.11  .pdf

HB 795 Medical Marijuana Patients – Employment Protection
Decisionmaking in 2.11  .pdf

From Kat:

I finally got to meet the Director nominee for the Department of Public Safety, Nolan Espinda. We briefly shook hands and he mentioned that the Governor’s office was working on setting up a meeting with him and me.  He testified for the Department, but mostly “stood on the testimony” without saying whether he supported or opposed. His focus appears only on visitation and that’s it. He is not saying much more, so I guess the Governor’s directive is to keep DPS out of the news. All facilities had 100% visits on SuperBowl Sunday! What does that say?  It says that they could have been doing this all along!

The new construction push seems to be centered around moving OCCC (strong push for putting it on the Halawa footprint). We want liveable, humane conditions for this who are incarcerated, but we need to stop the inflow to prison and jail by reforming sentencing, instituting ‘earned time/good time’ (which they still hate), releasing those folks who pose little to no threat to the community. It is nuts that the needs of more than 50% of our incarcerated people would be better served in community-based programs that directly addressed their pathways to incarceration. WE HAVE GOT TO KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, FOLKS.

Please come down and testify on bills you care about if can or send in comments by email.



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