New Report Released on Prison Visitation

A new report has just been issued by the Prison Policy Institute on the importance of visitation in the rehabilitation of incarcerated people. In Hawai`i visitation has been a huge problem mostly caused by “sick outs” of the correctional officers. Our incarcerated people in AZ have an even greater problem, with very few actually seeing their loved ones while they are incarcerated there. Where is the aloha?

Separation by Bars and Miles: New report finds that great distances make prison visits few and far between
Prison Policy Initiative, October 2015

“The report finds that distance from home is a strong predictor for whether an incarcerated person receives a visit.

“‘For far too long, the national data on prison visits has been limited to incarcerated parents. We use extensive yet under-used Bureau of Justice Statistics data to shed light on the prison experience for all incarcerated people, finding that prisons are lonely places,’


“The report focuses on incarcerated people in state prisons and is a collaboration between Prison Policy Initiative staff and data scientist Daniel Kopf of the organization’s Young Professionals Network.”

So glad to see this report that was released today about visitation and the importance of people inside the walls staying connected to their loved ones and to the world outside the walls that imprison them. More than 95% of all incarcerated persons will return home. How do we want them to come back to their communities … lost and angry or energized and ready to rejoin their families and neighbors?

Mahalo for caring about justice. It is going to take about a million more voices to wake up the people who live in the world of retribution and punishment. The “Justice” system is a huge government project (and expenditure of our tax dollars) with NO EVIDENCE THAT IT WORKS! In fact, there is plenty of evidence that there are better, more effective and yes, more efficient, ways to improve the quality of justice. We need to get rid of the FEAR POLITICS that drives mass incarceration.



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