CAP Testimony on 1.28.16 Bills

From Kat:

ACTION ALERTAloha Justice Advocates!

I called Chair Nishihara’s office this morning to inquire about SB 2096 because the language was confusing. I wanted to make sure that the Chair knew that the proposal is not to move OCCC into HCF but the proposal is to build a new BIG  jail on the state property in Halawa near HCF.

The staff person admitted the wording was confusing, but they knew that it was not to move OCCC into HCF.

Pdfs of CAP testimony on both bills:

1.28.16 PSM Test COMMENTS SB 2096 (phone call commissions)

1.28.16 PSM Test SB 2199 (moving OCCC)

Mahalo for caring about justice. We are going to have speak very forcefully against no EIS re the new OCCC.  I think they were hoping that it would slip under the radar. Now we need to shine a big, bright beacon onto what is really happening.  
Mahalo for speaking truth to power!

To care for anyone else enough to make their problems one’s own, is ever the beginning of one’s real ethical development.
-Felix Adler

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