CAPWATCH Action Alert: OCCC Relocation Could Be Almost A Half-Billion-Dollar Proposition

ACTION ALERTWe feature another great article by Rui Kaneya of Civil Beat. This is from the informational briefing on relocating OCCC yesterday. It was information-lite. On one hand DPS said they are developing a Request for Proposals and on the other they say they have chosen Halawa as the site. The community voice has been absent throughout this process when it is commonly known that when a development is proposed, site selection is one of the most important considerations. The fact that the Ige administration is trying to avoid the EIS process is infuriating and another affront to the community.  We need to send emails to all legislators telling them we do not accept avoiding an EIS.

You can address your email to:;

Here is a proposal that Kat wrote on behalf of CAP along with Lorenn Walker, a justice researcher and submitted to DPS in December 2013 when they issued a “Request for Information”. They did not even receive the courtesy of a reply. You will see from this proposal that there are things we can do to reduce the imprisoned population right now.

It makes one wonder, just who is benefitting from this plan?


OCCC Relocation Could Be Almost A Half-Billion-Dollar Proposition

The Ige administration is looking at various financing options for building a new Oahu Community Correctional Center in Halawa Valley, lawmakers are told.

Rui Kaneya, January 28, 2016, Civil Beat


As we  experience our government moving further and further away from the people, it is up to us to make our voices heard. Edward R. Murrow, a journalist back in the day said it best,..

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”
-Edward R. Murrow



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