CAPWATCH Action Alert 2.22.16


We need to respectfully ask Chair Tokuda (WAM) to schedule SB 1018. This bill would provide identification for those exiting incarceration. 

Please contact her office TODAY at


We need this bill to pass WAM so it can cross over to the house early next month. MAHALO!



Rep. Sylvia Luke, Chair
Rep. Scott Nishimoto, Vice Chair
Wednesday February 24, 2016
2:00 PM
Room 308

HB 2388 HD1                     EXEMPTING NEW OCCC FROM CHAPTER 343 – EIS LAW                 PBS,EEP/WAL,FIN

Creates an exemption from Hawai‘i Revised Statutes §343-5 for a jail facility to be built adjacent to Halawa Correctional Facility and funding therefore and makes clarifying amendments.    (SB 2917)  GOVERNOR

1.27.16 PASSED 1st Reading                              .pdf

2.4.16 PBS PASSED w/ HD1

Read PBS Testimony:

2.8.16 PASSED 2nd Reading

2.16.16 EEP/WAL PASSED w/HD2

Read EEP/WAL Testimony:

Read Committee Report:

The EIS exemption was removed, but this is stil about building a 1,250 jail/prison either in Halawa or on a smaller footprint on current site in Kalihi (high rise prison).

CAP is still opposed to building without a full examination of alternatives and a comprehensive PUBLIC review of who is currently in OCCC and MCCC.

Kat is still on Hawai`i Island. Great Sociological conference this past weekend and speaking at HI Comm College and UH Hilo tomorrow. Back on Wed for hearing!



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