What does the DOJʻs announcement actually mean?

Todayʻs stories are follow ups to yesterdayʻs Justice Department announcement about ending their contracts with private/corporate prisons. The stock of CCA, GEO and MTC, the profiteers with whom DOJ contracts took a nose dive after the announcement.

While we are happy that this announcement was made, it is not the be-all and end-all for these shysters. CAVEAT EMPTOR – LET THE BUYER BEWARE! Watch how they try to convince jurisdictions that they should be granted contracts for reentry services. This is worrisome since Hawai`iʻs half-hearted “commitment” to reentry is limping along. (The reentry bill was passed in 2007.) These snake-oil salesman will be working double-time to gain reentry contracts.

The first article is from Civil Beat and highlights the fact that Hawai`i just signed a 3- year contract with 2 one-year extensions with CCA. The second article is an analysis of what the DOJʻs announcement actually means.


Justice Department Will Stop Using Private Prisons
The federal government’s decision comes a couple of weeks after Hawaii extended its contract with a for-profit prison in Arizona.
Rui Kaneya, Civil Beat, August 19, 2016


What You Need to Know About the Private Prison Phase-Out
With the feds cutting back, the companies are down but not out.
Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Projcet, August 18, 2016




“We ought to commit ourselves to building a human rights movement – FOR EDUCATION, NOT INCARCERATION; FOR JOBS, NOT JAILS A movement that will end legal discrimination against people released from prison, discrimination that denies them human rights to work, to shelter, to education, to food.” – Michelle Alexander



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