OCCC Info Briefing

Yesterday, February 2, 2017,  there was an information briefing (and it was brief!) sponsored by the House and Senate Public Safety Committees. The presenters were Nolan Espinda, DPS Director and Bob Nardi, from the infamous overbillers[1], Louis Berger Group. They presented a $1.5 million, 500-page report to the legislature on their progress on the replacement of OCCC. This tends to be the normal strategy of the department with the help of their corporate buddies…bury policymakers in paper (500-page report during busy session with 2,918 bills!), give squishy answers to questions (only estimates, we’re still looking. Blah, blah, blah), and do the soft-shoe shuffle when asked about cost (they’re buried in the report).

Welcome to the post-truth era in Hawai`i. They totally lied (OK, in today’s world it’s called “alternative facts”) about public outreach. Recently the HCR 85 Task Force was asked by Espinda to delete any references to the “lack of community engagement” from their Interim Report.  The “community engagement” they tout has been pathetic. Conversely, the Community Justice Coalition has held 2 Community Justice Dialogues since November that were packed with community folks wanting to know more and to help reform our broken system.  Here is their very expensive 70-page progress report summary.

Here’s a story from Civil Beat about this presentation:

New Oahu Jail Will Cost Hundreds Of Millions
Lawmakers heard cost projections Thursday but it’s too early in the planning process to get a firm estimate.
Rui Kaneya, Civil Beat, Feb. 2, 2017


[1] World Bank Group Debars Louis Berger Group World Bank Group – Feb 4, 2015
WASHINGTON, February 4, 2015—The World Bank Group announced the debarment of Louis Berger Group, Inc. (LBG) for one year for engaging in corrupt practices under two Bank-financed projects in Vietnam.

Former Louis Berger Group Inc. Chairman, CEO, and President Admits 20-Year …
Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release) (blog) – Dec 12, 2014
“Two years after the Louis Berger Group and two of its executives confessed to defrauding USAID, the company’s former chairman admitted his role in the scheme,” U.S.

Ex-Louis Berger Group CEO Pleads Guilty in USAID Fraud  Bloomberg

Federal Claims Judge Finds Louis Berger Hid Corruption
Law360 (subscription) – Mar 15, 2016
Law360, Washington (March 14, 2016, 8:11 PM ET) — A Federal Claims judge booted Louis Berger Aircraft Services Inc.

Another Ex-Louis Berger Exec Sentenced In FCPA Case
Law360 (subscription) – Jul 8, 2016


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