Contact Senate Judiciary NOW – Ask them to pass HB 1489!

From Kat:

Kia Ora from Aotearoa!

I am shocked that the Senate Judiciary Committee has deferred HB 1489 – the bill that would codify in state statute the tremendous work of Patsy Mink.

I am sending Barbara Polk’s email and asking that you contact the committee by email asap to ask them to pass HB 1489…a bill that had no opposition.  Please contact the committee now!

The Senate Judiciary Committee deferred this bill yesterday, despite NO negative testimony in any of its three hearings, and lots of supportive testimony in each.  A majority of JUD committee members, including Chair Senator Gilbert Keith-Agaran, sponsored the Senate companion bill, but did not hear it.  Now they have deferred the House bill.  I don’t think we should let this lie. If the 100% Democratic Senate cannot pass a bill that guarantees civil rights to more than half the population of the state, it needs to hear what we think.

Here is the bill’s short description:

Prohibits a state agency or program or activity receiving state financial assistance from excluding from participation, denying benefits to, or discriminating against a qualified individual by reason of disability, sex, including gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. (HB1489 HD1)

I would suggest emailing the committee members asking why they deferred a bill that had no public opposition. And if there is no response by today, blanketing the Senate with emails ( objecting. Time is of the essence–the bill has also been referred to WAM, so if it does not pass 2nd reading in the Senate by Friday, it dies.

For more information, to read the bill, and see testimony:

Vice Chair Karl Rhoads <>, Senator Laura Thielen <>,
Senator Donna Mercado Kim <> and Senator Mike Gabbard <>

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