CAPWatch: Update on bills and resos

Fro Kat:

Aloha Justice Advocates!

            Life has been really crazy since I got back from Aotearoa. I’ve been a discussant at Chaminade after the film13Th (along with DeMont Connor), on 2 different panels at the Law School, spoke at the social justice committee of a local church along with testifying on resolutions and bills. 

            On Thursday, April 13th, at the beginning of the PBS hearing it was announced that there was only one reso to be considered. I was the only person there (besides the staff) so I spoke out about SCR 169. It was then announced that there was a new SCR 169 with a House Draft that was about a completely different issue and it would be heard at 2 pm that day. SCR 169 is the one where CAP re-wrote the reso!

            The pre-trial reso passed. That’s good, something has to be done about bail — 51% of OCCC are pre-trial detainees costing us more than $2 a month. On my way out of the hearing, Vice Chair LoPresti told me that the reso was now about disaster preparedness.

            Since all 13 of the bills we are working on or against passed, I am now analyzing the bills and committee reports and watching to see who will be on the conference committees.

            Today I’m requesting you to look at HCR 50 HD1. (Although CAP would like to see Citizens Unitedoverturned, we do not support a constitutional convention.) CAP Testimony: 4.18.17 JDL HCR 50 OPPOSE

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