Today’s post is about prosecutors and leads off with articles about Honolulu prosecutors getting blasted by Judge Nakasone for bringing charges against a woman who’d previously filed a sex discrimination suit against a major donor to Honolulu’s prosecutor in his reelection. This is followed by an article from June about the mess in the Honolulu prosecutor’s office. Both of these articles are from Harvard’s Fair Punishment Project.

Next are links to articles about an Illinois Supreme Court decision rendered on June 29, 2017 that smacked down a prosecutor who created his own private police force with civil asset forfeiture dollars followed by an article about the decision from Harvard’s Fair Punishment Project. I’m trying to balance this post so it is not all hopeless when the gatekeepers of the criminal processing system are focused entirely on their own power rather than the fair administration of justice. These articles illustrate how the courts provide the necessary balance for the administration of justice.


Having said that, next is an article about the incredible power that AG Sessions has given prosecutors over the guidelines for the use of forensic evidence in court. In the past, the guidelines had been developed collaboratively with the Department of Justice and a panel of scientists.  Sessions’ DOJ is now omitting the scientists and using the cover that every president has the right to change things. This change is really scary since advances in forensic science have led to many exonerations for people wrongfully convicted. Prosecutors are NOT scientists! Would you go to a plumber if you had cancer?

Honolulu prosecutor criticized for prosecuting woman who accused major campaign donor of sex discrimination
Larry Hannan, reporter and researcher at the Fair Punishment Project at Harvard University
August 2, 2017

Honolulu prosecutor subject of criminal probe
Larry Hannan, June 26, 2017

Prosecutor Can’t Create Drug Squad To Seize Cash From Innocent Drivers, Illinois Supreme Court Rules
Institute For Justice, Nick Sibilla , Contributor
July 17, 2017

Court rejects prosecutor’s unlawful use of seized funds
Larry Hannan – reporter and researcher at the Fair Punishment Project at Harvard University
Aug 7, 2017

Jeff Sessions Scuttles Forensics Partnership With Scientists
Beth Reinhard, August 7, 2017

This post is meant to illustrate how the balance of power in the administration of justice is shifting and how important it is for us to speak out against changes like this. The states are still the laboratories of justice, therefore, we must be vigilant to ensure that our people’s rights are protected.


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