About CAP

Community Alliance on Prisons (CAP) is a community initiative working to develop effective interventions for Hawai’i’s offenders and to improve the quality of justice in Hawai’i. We are a diverse coalition of community groups, churches, scholars, businesses, concerned community members, service providers, families of inmates, and ex-offenders.

CAP’s goal is to educate the community on best practices and proven strategies for criminal justice and to involve the greater community in these issues. We want the public to understand the research, and not fall prey to the rhetoric, which abounds – especially at election time!

CAP believes that an informed community advocating for issues on which they are educated and knowledgeable is a crucial component to our democracy. Each Legislative session our policymakers are faced with thousands of bills on a variety of subjects. Therefore, the community has not only a right, but a responsibility, to help our Legislators develop thoughtful and sound public policy. A vibrant democracy demands participation!

Hawai`i’s people have the answers and the brain power to develop effective interventions to create safe and healthy communities. The research is very clear that simply locking people up will not solve our problems; we cannot build our way out of crime and our social problems. Prison should be reserved for those who harm others; yet our facilities are bursting with nonviolent drug lawbreakers.

CAP engages the community with its email alert system by posting legislative hearing notices, analyzing and describing bills and their potential impacts, calling for testimony, posting events of interest as well as the latest news on criminal justice issues affecting Hawai‘i nei.

CAP’s strategy has broadened the discussion on alternatives to incarceration and intermediate sanctions (sanctions that include everything short of incarceration such as increased supervision, community monitoring, treatment, etc.) and has increased the number of people testifying and speaking out on these important issues.

CAP has sponsored several conferences and workshops over the years to educate policymakers, agencies, service providers, and the community on pressing issues facing the community and Hawai‘i’s inmate population

CAP invites everyone to join us on this Journey! How to get involved.

VIDEO: Advocacy for Justice Award to CAP, February 4, 2010
Kat Brady and the community initiative she has coordinated for more than a decade was the first recipient of the Critical Criminology & Justice Study’s Advocacy for Justice Award

VIDEO: Nothing Can Grow There: A visit with Kat Brady, June 29, 2008
From VoicesOfTruthTV.com, “Why are so many Hawaiians behind bars and being shipped out to privately run US prisons in Arizona and Kentucky? Did you know more than half of Hawai‘i’s prison population is now on the US Continent? You’ll be shocked when you hear why.”

CAP Brochure

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