How to Testify


  • Go to:
  • Sign in with your email and a password
  • Put bill # in box on left
  • On the bill screen, click “Submit testimony” and you can either upload it from your hard drive or write brief comments in the box provided
  • Note: If sending testimony on different bills, you can just plug in the bill number after you send your first testimony and send in comments on another bill.

Your voice matters!

1) When to Testify
Often, written testimony on a bill is not accepted until the bill has been scheduled for a committee hearing. The state legislature usually requests that written testimony be submitted to the appropriate office at least 24 hours prior to the hearing. Here are a couple of ways to track bills and receive hearing notifications:

1) Join CAP’s email listserve by contacting Kat Brady at During the legislative session, Kat sends out email alerts for upcoming hearings on criminal justice related bills, as well as talking points and CAP’s written testimony.

2) Register with the Hawaii State Legislature. To register, click here to and then click on the “Hearing Notification.” Registering with the Legislature will allow you to create personalized measure tracking lists, submit testimony without the need to re-enter required information, and receive hearing notice notification by e-mail.

2) Preparing Your Written Testimony
Suggested Format:
• At the top of your testimony, include: 1) Name of the committee; 2) Names of the  committee chair and vice-chair; 3) Date and time of the hearing; and 4) Hearing room
• Identify the bill and your position on the bill
• Include a salutation to the committee
• Introduce yourself in the first paragraph


Information from

3) Submitting Testimony

Submit thru Email
Testimony may also be delivered via e-mail to House committees using the appropriate e-mail address. Here for How to Submit Testimony by Email.

Submit On Line Here
In order to submit testimony through our online system, the measure which you wish to submit testimony for must currently be scheduled for a hearing and formally referred to a committee.

Instructions for submitting testimony  on line
1)  Enter the measure which you want to submit testimony for in the box provided, without spaces or draft numbers (ex. SB1000), and click Submit to retrieve the corresponding hearing notice.

2)  Enter the required fields marked with asterisks, select the appropriate radio buttons, and attach any documents you wish to accompany your testimony (up to a maximum of 10MB). You may also type your comments directly in the Additional Comments box.

3)  Click Next, preview your submission, check the Terms and Conditions box and click Submit Testimony once.

4)  You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes detailing your submission. If you do not receive confirmation, please:
a) check your email spam filter
b) email the testimony directly to the committee
c) email with detailed information and errors received.

Oral Testimony
If you are unable to prepare written testimony in time for a hearing, some committee chairs may allow the presentation of oral comments at the public hearing. You should be prepared to submit written testimony summarizing your oral arguments as soon as possible after the hearing.

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