Crime in Hawai`i at record lows

The Hawai`i Attorney General released the CRIME IN HAWAI`I 2016 Report today with this headline on the news release:  CRIME IN HAWAII AT RECORD LOW LEVEL IN 2016.

Download the 195-page report

Excerpt from news release:

“HONOLULU – Attorney General Douglas S. Chin announced today the release of the State of Hawaii’s annual Uniform Crime Report, Crime in Hawaii, 2016. The report shows that in Calendar Year 2016, a total of 45,805 Index Crimes* were reported in the State of Hawaii, yielding a rate of 3,206 offenses per 100,000 resident population, the lowest on record since statewide data collection began in 1975. Hawaii’s Index Crime rate in 2016 was 6.2% below the rate reported in 2015, and 27.1% below the rate reported a decade earlier (2007).

“Attorney General Chin said, “The record low crime statistics in 2016 highlight the outstanding work of law enforcement throughout the State and in all four counties. These numbers also help refute the false narrative from President Trump’s administration that crime in our country is at an all-time high.”

Hawai`iʻs crime rate is the lowest on record since statewide data collection began in 1975. Why then are certain legislators pushing a BIG jail and a HUMONGOUS prison? Cui bono? Who benefits? 2018 is an election year…VOTE! (Check back in for post, coming soon, on the Public Access Room and workshops on how to advocate at the legislature.)

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