Kat Brady, Coordinator

Kat is a community advocate for justice who is actively engaged in bringing the community’s voice into venues where it has rarely been heard. She works to increase civic literacy, public participation, and to reform public policy. Her areas of focus include environmental, cultural, and social justice issues.


Kat is the proud recipient of the 2003 National Association of Hawaiian Civic Club’s Kako`o o Kalaniana`ole Award, which recognized her as the Outstanding Non-Hawaiian for Service to the Hawaiian Community.  Kat’s deeply held beliefs in the values of aloha `aina and malama `aina drive her passion for positive social change.

“I’m often asked why I do this work. This quote from the novelist Arundhati Roy is my response. I think my eyes were knocked open and they don’t close. I sometimes wish I could close them and look away… But once you’ve seen certain things, you can’t un-see them, and seeing nothing is as political an act as seeing something.” – Kat Brady

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