How To Get Involved

We invite everyone to join us on this Journey!

What you can do:

Testify! Speak out! at community hearings and at the legislature. You can receive email alerts for upcoming hearings by joining CAP’s listserve. We also post hearing announcements in our blog posts and on our Events Board.


  • Go to:
  • Sign in with your email and a password
  • Put bill # in box on left
  • On the bill screen, click “Submit testimony” and you can either upload it from your hard drive or write brief comments in the box provided
  • Note: If sending testimony on different bills, you can just plug in the bill number after you send your first testimony and send in comments on another bill.

Like us on FaceBook, follow our blog, or join CAP’s listserve for news, reports, announcements, events, and legislative hearing notices. To join the listserve, contact Kat Brady at

CAP  also needs help with:

  • Office work
  • Answering inmate letters
  • Tabling at community events
  • Research in many different areas
  • Testifying
  • Organizing families in this massive workload for justice


If interested, contact Kat Brady at:

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